BaShariya, as the name suggests is a brand which is committed to bring “All’’ but ‘’Only’’ those items which are allowed to use as per Islamic Shariya (Islamic Laws).

Islamic Shariya wouldn’t stop women to wear fashionable clothes in front of their husbands and most of the Mahrams as far as they are modest enough. So why not bring the trendiest and modern clothing line all together for our Muslim Sisters who don’t usually get these kinds of clothes in their local market.

Men are also supposed to hide their awra and their clothes should also be loose and modest. But unfortunately, not many shops are catering to such kind of clothes and our brothers stick to west inspired dresses against their wish.

Apart from clothes, there are many other lifestyle products which are necessary but out of reach for us if we really want to follow our shariya.BaShariya will work hard to bring modest and Islamic clothing as well as other lifestyle products which are halal and modern to our customers with best prices possible and quality assurance.

BaShariya would be open to all manufacturers, suppliers and traders to showcase and sell their products on our platform if they have the same vision and mission to have halal in every aspect of our lives.

BaShariya promises to be hundred percent transparent with its vendors as well as customers in all matters of sale, purchase and monetary matters.

BaShariya promises to exemplify a Shariya Based Model of Tijarah In Sha Allah!